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Probably the most popular question that we field from our friends and family is, "What computer should I buy?" Below are some links of popular computer manufacturers and resellers. Keep in mind several things: 1) The guts are the most important factor; 2) The second most important factor is warranty and service; 3) Know what you NEED before you buy and don't pay for things you don't need or want; 4) The lowest priced computers aren't usually the best buy because their technology won't last'll spend more money in the long run updating it and sooner than later replacing it; 5) Determine what you WILL do with the computer and what you MIGHT do with the computer...there's nothing worse than saving $100 on a feature only to wish later that you had it.


Dell - Dell is probably the most popular computer manufacturer today. By popular, I don't mean they're the best or the highest rated. I simply mean people know about Dell and a lot of people think it's "cool" to own one (thanks mostly to the now defunct "Dell Dude"). They are consistently well-rated by numerous entities, but they may find that they've passed the peak of their success. Their downfall, if indeed that is to happen, began when they started outsourcing their support to other countries (like India). Now, when a customer calls for support, they are likely to experience an international phone call (with skips, quarks, and delays) speaking to a support-person who may or may not have great mastery of the English language. There's nothing more frustrating than continually asking "What color wire did you say not to unplug?" For Web Renown, we no longer own any Dell products. They've either died (including an Axim handheld that went kaput less than a week after the 1-year warranty expired) or been Ebay-ed. Nonetheless, they are still producing good products at good prices and are worth considering for your computer needs. Click here for some incredible deals on Dell computers.

Gateway - Gateway is another reputable computer manufacturer, but has not had the marketing success that Dell has. So while it may not be as "cool" to own a Gateway, we at Web Renown work entirely on Gateway computers. In fact, we have one Gateway that is more than eight (yes, 8) years old and still works as well as it did the day it arrived. The monitor, keyboard, mouse, processor, hard drive (although we did add another) all work, and we can still call and get support on it (they offered lifetime support back then). So we believe in Gateway and highly commend them to you. Oh yes, and the rare occasion when we have had to call tech support, the call is not international and the language skills of the techs are usually pretty good! By the way, the 8+ year-old computer is on the network and does work, but we can't say that we do much on it anymore. It's mainly a trophy to show all our Dell friends.

Apple - The Mac line of computers was once the design community's best-kept secret. With the success of Apple's Ipod and with the ongoing security risks of the Windows operating system, more people are opting for a Mac over the mainline Windows PCs. We can personally speak for the Mac G5 (liquid-cooled with dual 2.5 Ghz processors), that Macintosh makes an incredible machine. If you are considering a unit for video editing, look closely at the G5. For the budget-conscious buyer, you may want to take a look at the new Mac Mini.


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