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Web Site Promotion

Web Renown specializes in web site promotion and marketing. Our customers have seen great success with our marketing campaigns. Our services include keyword analysis and search engine optimization of single pages or an entire site, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine submission. Don't be fooled by the numerous low-cost advertising that you'll find on the web. You pay for what you get and what you get with Web Renown is real people working directly on promoting your site. A customized package can be developed or you may choose from one of the following packages:

Basic Submission Package

We will submit your site to over 1000 search engines, including all the major search engines. In order not to spam the search engines and lower your ranking we will submit each page from your site on a different day. This one time submission is the start for website traffic.

1-5 page site $29.95
6-10 page site $49.95
11+ page site $49.95 plus $2 per page

Elite Package – $499 (3 month campaign)

Web Site Analysis

We will determine the status and make suggestions regarding the following issues:

Keyword Usage – Your keyword listing is imperative to your websites popularity. Search engines will allow 1000 characters for your listing; however, you cannot simply list 1000 characters of popular terms. Some search engines will not allow keyword spamming (using the same term more than six times in some cases). We will determine if you are maximizing your keyword listing and if you are spamming terms.

Title & Description – The title and description are also important. Understanding how search engines “read*” your title and description is important to understand if you are going to get a top listing. *(Search engines “read” the Internet constantly, but this is all automated. It is essential to meet the requirements of this automated process.)

Body – The body is the text that appears on your website. We will ensure that your body is using terms that will bring the right traffic to your site. Search engines “read” not only your keyword listing but also the actual text of your site.

File Size – We will determine the file size of your entire page and each component on your page and make suggestions if any changes are necessary.

Download Time – We will determine the download time of your page and make appropriate suggestions if changes are necessary.

Keyword Listing Development

Web site analysis is not the bulk of our work. You can obtain this information without subscribing to our service. However, we combine this research with personal (not automated) development of a keyword listing. This means that we ask you about your business or service, research your competitors and find which keywords they are using, and research websites that are in the top slots of the search engines and determine which keywords they use. Next we research each individual keyword to determine the number of searches that was performed using that term in the last month. (We are happy to provide you with all of this research in an Excel spreadsheet format.) We then develop a keyword list of the maximum number of characters without spamming any terms (and thus being rejected by search engines), keeping the most relevant terms for your business or service and deleting any terms that will not bring results. Keep in mind that as a business you do not simply want traffic; you want traffic that is potential business. Linking those potential customers and your business is our goal.

Description Development

Understanding how search engines “read” your site’s description is important. Many people develop a professional description; however, writing ability doesn’t impress search engines. We will help you develop a description that will meet search engines’ automated requirements while still being understandable to the individual conducting the search.

Web Directory Linking

Web directory linking is another important aspect of success with search engines. At Web Renown, we will submit your site to at least 10 directories or sites that will place a link to your website on theirs. Search engines are programmed to rank higher those sites that are linked by other sites. In other words, the more sites that have links to yours, elevates your ranking on many search engines. We will also list your site in the Web Renown Directory.

Site Submission

This is the only portion of our services that is automated. We can manually submit to some engines, but automated submissions seem to work better. This alone will not bring success to website, just listings. Although there are many search engines on which you can be listed, there are less than 5 that account for more than 75% of searches performed (See graphic). These engines are the ones on which you want your site to appear and these are the ones that we work to get you on. We will submit your site daily, a different page each day, in order to prevent spamming.

Elite Package Plus Monthly Maintenance - $399 plus $49.99/month with a 12-month agreement (monthly fee begins on the 4th month)

Monthly Maintenance – In addition to the elite services above, Web Renown will perform these services each month to keep your site up to date. We will also provide search engine listing reports (which engines are listing your search and which are not) as well as search engine ranking reports (where your site is listed on the search engines). For most businesses, websites change weekly if not daily. This means that you need to maintain awareness of how your site is performing. The Internet changes every minute and your competitors can easily surpass your listing that you have worked hard to achieve if you do not choose to maintain it. Choose this plan to save money on your initial setup. We will bill you for the monthly maintenance by the quarter.

Elite Package Plus Monthly Maintenance and Paid Linking - $399 plus $89.99/month with a 12-month agreement (monthly fee begins on the 4th month)

Paid Linking – Paid linking is another term for advertising. In addition to the basic package and the monthly maintenance, we will also submit your site to appear in the top slot for particular keywords. Bids are submitted with relevance to your business. It takes time for your site to begin to work its way up the search engine chain. With paid linking your site will appear at the top* from the very beginning. For example, if your business is coffee sales, you will want to appear at the top of searches for terms like “coffee”, “buy coffee”, “sell coffee”, etc… With paid linking, your site will appear in the top 3 “Featured Sites” on one of the first 3 pages (depending on keyword) above all other search returns. This means that your site will be above the results and will attract the attention of the reader immediately. You may choose between Yahoo and Google (with numerous subsidiary sites propagated under both) or you may choose to promote on both. With paid linking you will be at the top! We will determine which terms will work best to bring customers to you right away. For further information or explanation on paid linking contact us today.


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