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Nikon D50 - This is my present "reasonable" dream camera. I've become loyal to Nikon over the years and I still think they make some of the best cameras and equipment on the market. This digital SLR is priced right and has all the features and speed you'd expect from a traditional SLR. Plus your Nikon lenses and speedlights are interchangeable so if you already have a Nikon SLR, all you'll need is this body.

Samsung i-730 - This is a PDA/phone, not a SmartPhone. I've owned this and one of the preceding SmartPhones Samsung made (i-600). This has it all. The sliding feature hides the keyboard away until you need it, which makes using this as a phone quite nice. The size is just the right balance between feel and look. The upgraded OS has the new Media Center 10 for PocketPC which is what Media Center should have been in the last version. The PocketPC OS comes with Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, and Pocket Outlook all of which are extremely useful. The integrated SD slot makes expanding storage a breeze for MP3s, movies, files, or whatever you need with you. And the EVDO technology (where available) is Verizon's mobile broadband. It's lightning fast and makes being away from the office almost painless whether you're checking your email or surfing the web.

Dell XPS - I've had my issues with Dell over the years...a dead Axim that was less than a year old but they wouldn't help me with, a misconfigured Inspiron from the factory that I spent countless hours on the phone with tech support (in India) and then ended up fixing it myself with a friend's help, etc... But when it came time to replace my last computer I kept coming back to the XPS line. Dollar for dollar I couldn't come close with any other reputable company. The unit was the best price for the features and really met my expectations. With the new dual core Intel chip (Pentium D) multi-tasking is what I've wanted for years. Rendering video, working with large PhotoShop files, and editing/converting audio are all done with ease (even at the same time). Oh yeah, if you're in the market for a flat panel or you're buying a new computer, Dell's flat screens are the best I've seen for the money.


Swiss Memory USB - This is the ultimately in practicality...a knife with USB storage device built in...the ultimate geek multi-tool!

USB Cup Warmer - Yes, it's a cup warmer...powered by the USB port on your computer. What could be more practical? How about a USB snowman?

Tech Holster - The wife calls it "The Bat Belt" when you remove your cell phone, PDA, and MP3 player off your belt every night. Now, the ultimate solution: Starsky & Hutch meet Revenge of the Nerds.

The Duct Tape Wallet - The perfect gift for your brother-in-law.

Nikon Coolpix 8800 - Nikon's newest high-end consumer camera offers a full line of features for the photo enthusiast, with the convenience of automation for the novice. Nikon is renowned in the photo industry for it's high-quality lenses and well-designed cameras.

Apple Ipod Photo 60 GB - Apple's Ipod line of MP3 players has gotten even better with the high-end photo Ipod. You can take not only your music with you for days of endless music, but also your favorite photos which can be viewed on the color display.

Nikon Coolpix 4800 - This is Nikon's latest compact digital camera. With a 4-megapixel sensor, rechargeable battery, and built-in memory, this is the perfect camera for the consumer who wants to easily take quality shots.

LightScribe - HP's new laser-labeling technology allows you to burn CDs and DVDs and then flip them to etch a laser label on the top side with the same laser. An emerging technology, this permanent labeling solution will give inkjet labelers and adhesive labels a run for their money.

Sony HDR-FX1 - Sony has introduced a new High Definition (HD) camcorder to the consumer market which has received reasonably high marks. Although pricey, this camera is sure to raise the bar in the camcorder market and spread HD success.

PowerMac G5 - An incredible machine with a high-performance operating system, the PowerMac G5 will exceed your expectations...if you can afford it. The dual 2.5 Ghz processor configured PowerMac G5 is the Ferrari of computers.

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