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Consumers can save incredible amounts of money by purchasing technology items on the Internet. Finding the best prices can sometimes be tricky, however, so we have combined a list of resources to make buying products online easy. Don't limit your research to only one site, and don't take one person's word on any one item. By reading product reviews and consumer reviews you can save yourself the headache of regret.

CNET Shopper - a thorough research site by the publishers of PC Magazine; this site offers professional and customer reviews as well as assistance in finding the lowest prices from reputable sellers

Pricewatch - if you're buying any type of hardware, make sure you use this price search engine at some point in your research. Their extensive database provides some of the lowest prices on the Internet. Be careful, however, to read reviews on each seller that you consider. The lowest price does not necessarily mean you'll have the most pleasant shopping experience. Balance price and seller reputation for successful shopping.

PriceScan - an online shopping guide that presents reviews by customers and professionals as well as seller ratings

PriceGrabber - an online shopping guide that offers reviews and seller ratings

Consumer Reports - We highly recommend a subscription to Consumer Reports magazine. Their web site also provides the same research available through a subscription. Their unbiased ratings will shed light on your shopping experience and help you discern between popular opinion and the facts.

Epinions - This site is based primarily on user reviews. You can find particulars about products from the consumer's perspective that professional reviewers often omit.

mySimon - another shopping guide; this shouldn't be your last stop in your shopping endeavors, but is worth a look in your overall research

Ebay - the most popular Internet auction site; you can find some great deals on Ebay but again you must be careful to read seller's ratings and product information thoroughly. Buy from reputable sellers who've been with Ebay at least a year. Avoid "to-good-to-be-true" deals as these usually are to good to be true!

Below is a list of reputable technology companies that we have had positive experiences with:

  • - a reputable seller with consistently low prices and reliable shipping and customer service
  • CDW - best for corporate purchases where customer service is a high priority
  • Crutchfield - great customer service for home and car audio electronics; helpful research to help you find the right product for your needs
  • eCOST - low prices; ensure items are not refurbished if you are not wanting such items
  • Outpost - a low-price store with an extensive offering
  • PCMall - great for businesses; good customer service
  • TigerDirect - low prices
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